iHummus: Hummus in your iPhone

Yeah, that’s kind of silly – having a wipeable hummus metaphor in your iPhone. But I guess it’s somewhat like having a blog about hummus.

Despite my basic affection for advanced technology, I’m a very conservative user of cellular phones. As a matter of fact, I only recently upgraded my cellphone to a model that actually works.

So I don’t have an iPhone and I can’t give you a real review of this iHummus app, which screenshots you can see here. And to be honest – I do think it’s kind of silly.

(Which can be perceived as somewhat funny, coming from someone who owns a blog about hummus…)

Nevertheless, I’m sure there are a lot of hummus loving  iPhone owners out there to whom this app would seem like truly innovative, both useful and exciting.

The features listed by the developer:

* Tasty plate of hummus is made just for you
* Wipe your Hummus using a pita
* Dirt the table with hummus
* Burp

Ought to be fun. I guess. If you do have an iPhone and feel like sharing your thoughts about it, feel free to do so.


2 Responses to “iHummus: Hummus in your iPhone”

  1. Moshe Herman on September 17th, 2010 5:29 pm

    It is fun! And completely worth the free price!

  2. Excalibur Food Dehydrator on December 6th, 2010 9:09 am

    […] yogurt, bloom rice, make jerky, dry sprouted breads, dry pie crust and more. I found evidence of hummus experiments as well.     […]

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