Pasta e-Ceci: Italian Chickpea Soup with Pasta

The Middle-Eastern cuisine is not the only that uses chickpeas to make delicious dishes. This one is a traditional Italian recipe, which is wonderful for cold days and is so rich that it can be served as a main course.

פסטה א-צ'צ'י, מרק חומוס עם פסטה

Don’t tell anyone, but in the rare moments when we’re not eating hummus we are also very fond of pasta. We also very fond of Barella, the beautiful girl who’s responsible for this wonderful recipe as well as the gorgeous photo. Read more

Hummus in Perspective: Chickpea Varieties

The secret for the perfect hummus is combining the best tahini with the right variety of chickpeas. But which one to use? The correct answer is #2.

I’ve been asked more than once already what kind of chickpeas is best for hummus, msabbha and other hummus-based dishes. The short answer is: the smallest you can find. This is the longer, more useful answer.

A few people said here us would be very helpful is I actually showed how propper chickpeas should look like. So there you are (better late etc.): a collection of my favorite legumes (tips: the one you want for your hummus is no. 2).

Chickpeas, ful and friends.


[1] Mexican Chickpea. a.k.a Grabanzo Bean or Spanish Chickpea. This variety isn’t very good for hummus. It’s good other dishes, though, such as Greek chickpea soup, rice with chickpeas and other recipes I’ll share with you in the future. Read more