The Hummus Diet: cause it works mate!

Yes, it sounds crazy, but you can eat hummus and actually get thin. Just don’t eat too much of them pita breads.

A friend of my parents (who’s a medical doctor, by the way) tried the Blood Type Diet a few years back. According to the theory, he was supposed to eat lots of proteins and very little carbohydrates if any. It didn’t go so well with meat so he tried hummus, and soon lost 16 kg (20 pounds).

It should come as no surprise to you if you know a bit about hummus. I already discussed the nutritional virtues of hummus in prior posts so I won’t go into too much details this time, but the fact is that hummus is really good for you. In every aspect.

Not only is it highly nutritional (as long as it’s made from dried chickpeas, not canned ones), but it’s also good for your metal health, and if it’s made properly (ok, recipe) than it should not make you heavy at all – just satiated for a few hours. Read more

Is Hummus good for your diet?

There’s a little argue about the culinary virtues of hummus. There is some confusion and misunderstanding about it’s nutritional value, though. Is hummus good for you? Is it good for your health? Will it make you fat? Is it really that rich in vitamins and other healthy stuff, or is all that merely a myth, encouraged by people with commercial interests?

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In the coming posts I’ll try to clear things up a little. This time, we’ll talk specifically about the alleged fattening affect of hummus.
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