What is Tahini

Tahini is the second most important ingredient in hummus, right after the chickpeas. It is eaten by hundreds of millions, everyday, from China to Greek and Africa. Only, in some yet evolving part of the world, it is rear and of law quality

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They say there’s a war between civilizations going on. I’m not sure about that. The way I see it, there is definitely such virtual gap, separating people from one another – but it has nothing to do with politics or beliefs.

To make long things short: there are only two kinds of pople: those who knows what REAL tahini tastes like, and those who do not.

Israeli and Palestinian Tahini Brands.
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The primitive American hummus culture

Though relatively young and poor in content compared with it’s older Hebrew brother, The Hummus Blog is getting lots of attention these days. Over the comments at one of the sites who talked about us, someone said something like “Americans don’t know shit about hummus”.

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