The Best Hummus Video Yet

Just in case you wondered – we go over YouTube and other video sites in search for new stuff on a regular basis. Rarely do we find anything exciting that is suitable for this blog.

Elahn Zetlin‘s recent video was a pleasent surprise. Not only because it’s main theme is Abu Hassan, the¬†hummus guru from Jaffa, but because it really captured the Jaffa’s (and Tel Aviv’s) special atmosphere. Watch this superb video, than go on reading.

The funny thing about Abu Hassan is that it isn’t really his hummus that made him so famous but rather his Msabbha¬†(click to read more about this great dish). Read more

Abu Hassan, the glorious Jaffa's hummus

Jaffa, an ancient town with a glorious history, turned into a unique culinary gem. Packed with gourmet restaurants and boutique eateries, yet many flock to Jaffa for one reason: Abu Hassan’s hummus.

Jaffa is a city of contrasts. On one hand, it has a charged historical background. On the other, it’s a peaceful, friendly, hospitable place, and it is as beautiful as Tel-Aviv could never be.

In Jaffa you can find, side by side, luxurious mansions and neglected old buildings. Gourmet restaurants and cheap eateries. Wretchedness and glory, in an impossible mixture. And a lot of hummus.

Jaffa near Abu Hassan

No one knows how many hummus places are there in Jaffa. A dozen of them or so are well known and the many others are less famous but maintain their own fan clubs. And there is, of course, Abu Hassan, which warrants a category of its own.
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