New Guinness Recored: Largest Hummus Plate ever

Over a 1000 tones of hummus were eaten last week, during Israelis Independance Day (“Yom Haatzmaut”). 400kg (881 pounds) of which in a Jerusalem event, out of a single Guiness-Record size plate.

It was last year when the American Sabra hummus manufacturer set the first Guinness Record for eating hummus in a New-York event. They served their hummus in a plate with a diameter of 3.5 meter (3.8 yards).

Last week a new the record was set in Mahaneh Yehuda market in Jerusalem: Hummus Tzabar, an Israeli hummus manufacturer, served some 400kg (881 pounds) of hummus in a 4 meter (4.35 yard) plate. This incredible hummus feast was documented of course, to verify the Guinness Record commitee it really happened. Here’s one of the pictures:

400 קילו חומוס צבר

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Old Jerusalem Part II: Hummus Lina

The admired hummus place of Lina’s, is making the same hummus for 35 years now. Besides being exquisite for itself, it has a one of a kind surroundings. Check out these photos.

Part I: Old Jerusalem Market

Most people go to Hummus Lina through Jaffa Gate, which is also the gate through which you get to the Wailing Wall. On my last journey, as I explained in the previous post, I took the Nablus Gate (Damascus Gate) and a camera. Here are some more pictures. Read more

A holy experience in old Jerusalem

On our way to the admired hummus place of Lina, we took some fascinating pictures of old Jerusalem. The atmosphere was truly enchanting.

Most people go to Homus Lina* through Jaffa Gate, the gate through which you get to the Wailing Wall (the Western Wall of Herod’s temple in Jerusalem, a place sacred to Jewish people).

This time, we decided to come from Nablus Gate (also called Damascus Gate), which led us through the beautiful christen quarter of old Jerusalem, with it’s magnificent market, in an enchanted path of sights and scents.

The hummus itself was wonderful as usual. But this time, the photos I took on the way make the real difference.

(* they spell it “homus”, just like Saeid in Acre spell it “humus”. Every hummus place in Israel seem to use a different spelling).

Here are some of the pictures:


Old Jerusalem Wall

Old Jerusalem Wall, Nablus Gate

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