Squeeze Z Hummus: Message in a squeeze bottle

Some people I know find this idea no less than appalling, but Squeeze Z Hummus – the hummus in a squeeze bottle – seems like a promising product for the American market.

To be honest – we thought it’s a hoax at first. True, Americans have a known tendency to do strange things with hummus, but Hummus in a Squeeze bottle – that’s way too strange.

Also, the initial name of the product, Zohan Hummus, looked too suspicious. There’s no way, we thought, that this is a real product that got permission to use the sacred name.

Apparently, Zohan and his friends are indeed not the kind of people you want to mess with – and the product’s name quickly changed (although you can still see it, printed on them shirts in the promotion video at SqueezeZ Food‘s website).

The idea didn’t: Squeeze Z Hummus comes in a ketchup-like squeeze bottle, that is supposed to make it easier to use and make double dipping impossible. It costs some $6 for a 18OZ bottle and comes in 3 flavors: classic, spicy and with dill. Read more

Just how Successful Hummus is in North America

Hummus is on the rise. We’ve already discussed the rise of web searches for hummus on Google. The following examples don’t dive into stats and graphs, but show the success of hummus in North America. First, let’s look at this picture:

Thanks to shane_curcuru on Flickr for the picture.

We see here a full aisle of hummus in a supermarket. Not a shelf in the organic foods stand, not a product in a remote corner for imported goods, but a significant floor space in a regular supermarket. Read more

The new Lebanese Guinness record and how it made me famous

Many journalists, Israeli and from abroad, has contacted me lately, asking questions about the so called “Hummus War” I’ve been covering here, and also in the highly popular Hebrew edition of the blog. And when the new Lebanese Guinness Record (a 2-ton hummus plate) was declared the flow of attention doubled.

Some of you probably wondered what I have to say about the new hummus guinness record, set by 300 Lebanese chefs. WELL, the first thing that pops in mind is this: never have so many did so much for The Hummus Blog.

In the past two weeks search traffic to this blog went through the roof, with blogs as well as large news sites linking to it from all over the world.

Ynet, the largest news site in Israel asked for a special column. Other local newspapers and radio stations interviewed or asked me to comment about the matter. Some foreign journalists also called me, including French24,  and a BBC reporter who, sadly, tried to reach me in the middle of a rock concert. Read more

Hummus is on the Rise

More and more people worldwide are searching for Hummus. According to Google Trends, the search for the chickpea spread is rising all over the world.

Yohuy Eilam, ForexCrunch

Google Trends is a tool that gives excellent indication about search trends, since it’s run by the #1 search engine on the internet, and practically the world’s number one website.

Since the internet is used everywhere, Google Trends gives a good indication of market trends also outside the virtual world. We can assume that the global demand for humus is growing as well. More people are becoming acquainted with this superb dish.

As you can see in the graph, the term humus shows a steady and significant growth from 2007 to 2009. The growth in search traffic for the term hummus is even stronger. Is the spelling with two ms taking over the spelling with one m?

Hummus Trends

Apart from the growing popularity of hummus on the net, we’re seeing the strongest growth in unexpected regions and in languages that aren’t normally associated with the Middle Eastern dish. Read more

The Hummus Revolution

For me, hummus is more than a dish. It’s a passion, an ideology and a way of life. Also, I believe hummus to be an Archimedic point, from which things may turn and change for many people.

People had asked me, on many occasions, why did I decide to write about hummus. As if there aren’t other burning issues – especially in the middle-east, where I happen to live – if you know what I mean.

True, there are things that might seem more important. But for me, as I already stated once or twice in the past, hummus is more than a dish. It’s a passion, an ideology and a way of life. Also, I believe hummus to be an Archimedic point, from which things may change for many people.

Yeah, I know, this sounds pretentious. But let me argue my points and than decide. Read more