The Best Hummus Video Yet

Just in case you wondered – we go over YouTube and other video sites in search for new stuff on a regular basis. Rarely do we find anything exciting that is suitable for this blog.

Elahn Zetlin‘s recent video was a pleasent surprise. Not only because it’s main theme is Abu Hassan, the hummus guru from Jaffa, but because it really captured the Jaffa’s (and Tel Aviv’s) special atmosphere. Watch this superb video, than go on reading.

The funny thing about Abu Hassan is that it isn’t really his hummus that made him so famous but rather his Msabbha (click to read more about this great dish). Read more

Even GOD eats hummus in Tel-Aviv

Hummus is gradually becoming one of the Middle-Eats most successfully exported cultural-products. Very much as a result of tourists who experienced it while in the region, and became missionaries. It looks like even god eats hummus when he visits Tel-Aviv, and you know how powerful he is, when it comes to the publics opinion.

We got this movie, by Assaf Billet, showing just how much god favors hummus over other dinning options.

The Hummus Rap

Several times before I adressed the subject of how the Hummus Culture affect the west. On the one hand, there’s no collision of civilizations here – people from different regions fall in love with hummus just the same, regardless of their beliefs. On the other hand – we all know that hummus is far more than just “food”. I guess we are withnessing a Peaceful Rise, than.

“…Clap your hands really fast
If you think hummus is the best

Now shake sh-shake shake your pita
If you hit the hummus with paprika”

The Erotica of Hummus

Hummus is taking over the world as we speak. I can give you dozens of reasons why this is true, but I can’t think of anything more convincing than this video. Which, by the way, is the closest this blog will ever get to porn.

In Israel there once had a gossip about a famous football star, that love hummus so much that he once covered a beautiful girl with it, and licked it off her. Well, good hummus is undoubtably a strong aphrodisiac, and as this video shows, it can make you very sexy (or it can look well on you if you’re already sexy).

This somewhat blunt and provocative video, is one of the promos for the Lief Garrison Project, the first musicockumantry TV series ever, airing April 22. Go to their website and watch it a little – very funny.

I strongly recommend lowering your speakers volume before playing this one.

And finally, I want to dedicate this video to Eisik, a great guy from California with whom I ate hummus in Jaffa the other day.

Click Here for a larger version of this video.

Hummus and Pita in 2:13 minutes (video)

Well, you may find out that it is a little bit trickier than this video tutorial suggests (tip: pay attention to the hit your pitas should be baked in), but still – a very nice video.

Anti-Bush Voting for Hummus

Some of you may have already seen this hummus-related-humor video; Elon Gold, a stand-up comedian, is talking about hummus and politic. Well, I decided I have some things toI want say about it. And for those of you who didn’t: be patient. It’s pretty annoying in the beginning, only to become VERY funny in the end.

Gold’s theory explains how come the Palestinians voted for hammas, and American elected George W. Bush. It sound perfectly reasonable – and very funny, although you might get a little upset at first (Especialy if you didn’t vote to George W. Bush.

Watch it, then read the rest of the post.

So, ironically, it turns out that Gold is an Anti-Bush activist
Or some would probably classify him that way.I’m not that much into Anti-Bush humor myself (in Israel we have many evil politicians of ourself). Also, I don’t think W. is as stupid as some people say he is, which make some of the Anti-Bush jokes less funny and actually pretty dumb.I do think, though, that George Bush Junior is the worst president US could ever had such a time in history, when it could benefit from being not only bold, but also smart and humane and generous – which it isn’t. And that’s bad for people all over the world, not just for Liberal Democrats in Americans.Plus, I saw Fahrenheit 911 [Trailer], and “Supersize America”, and read Joseph Stiglitz‘s book (which I might talk about more in a future post). I hate Neo-Conservatism and Evangelism and Fascism – no matter what form they take, and if they occur in Israel, the US or any other place.

So is eating hummus an Anti-Bush act? In some way it is, at list for me – and maybe also for Gold, I don’t know. Because it reminds us how Palestinians and Israelis – as well as rich and poor people or Muslims and Christians – are already bound together, so they ought to have to learn to live with one another.

Bushism is about making other people more like you – so it’s about McDonald’s hamburgers. Anti-Bush kind of thought is about eating hummus, which is a demonstration of our rewarding co-existence with people and cultures different of ours.

Above all, in my eyes Elon Gold’s stand-up is beautifully naive, in a good way. His “characters” are good people, from both sides, who can’t understand whygood people elect bad leaders. This is how many people in Israel also feel about our current leadership, and also about the given alternatives.

Video Tutorial: Making Hummus like in New-York's Hummus Place

In our new video Shay, one of the guys from Hummus Place in New-York, is sharing the recipe and showing how to make real hummus.

Hummus Place is a New-York restaurant serving mostly hummus and middle-eastern dishes. I never been there, but people who did say their hummus is pretty good, so you can trust Shay – one of the owners, and the guy explaining the process of making hummus in the video – to know what he’s talking about.