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Improved Alexa rating, the tips

Here’s how I do it:

Tip 1: Use the Alexa Toolbar
Although being considered as a spyware by some security apps (like NOD32 anti-virus). The Alexa Toolbar is mostly harmless, and I believe it is the one and only REAL tool through which your Alexa Ranking could be affected. So, even if you’re going to ditch it later, start with installing it.

Tip 2: Use 2 Alexa Toolbars.
Of course, if you’re using both IE and Firefox, you can install not one toolbar but two. This way, you all your visits to your site will be counted. Pay attention, that this is fair use of the tool to monitor your authentic surfing patterns.

Tip 3: Keep your P/V up.
Alexa counts not only visits but also pageviews, which makes it especially important that you and your visitor visit as many pages of your site as possible. This could be naturally earned using a smart internal page structure – only make sure your usability doesn’t suffer. And of course – good content and lots of fabulous pictures (as the rest of this blog offers), does help. In other words: organic approach is applicable here too.

Tip 4: Shoot for the SEO and webmaster community.
Many SEOs and webmasters have the Alexa Toolbar installed, so getting them to visit your site is a good idea. When working with such people – as I get to do quite a lot – I always tell them about my blog. And of course – I use it in my email signature.

Tip 5: Write a post like this one.
Not exactly like this one, because people who will already be reading this might get upset with you for wasting their time. You should come up with good ideas that are simple to do. Anyhow, aiming for readers who look for ways to improve their Alexa Rating is a good tactics to draw people to your site who already have Alexa toolbar installed.

And now: be a friend and please visit a few more pages of my blog. If you find it interesting, useful or funny, send it to people you know (I prefer people with the Alexa Toolbar, but will be thankful for any. You can also write a post about it if you have a blog and this seems suitable). And if you use StumbleUpon, please give my a thumb-up – but only if you liked it.

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