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Old Jerusalem Part II: Hummus Lina

The admired hummus place of Lina’s, is making the same hummus for 35 years now. Besides being exquisite for itself, it has a one of a kind surroundings. Check out these photos.

Part I: Old Jerusalem Market

Most people go to Hummus Lina through Jaffa Gate, which is also the gate through which you get to the Wailing Wall. On my last journey, as I explained in the previous post, I took the Nablus Gate (Damascus Gate) and a camera. Here are some more pictures.

Outside hummus Lina.


Outside hummus Lina in old Jerusalem.

Lina’s Hummus is very simple, extra smooth texture, very carefully spiced and served with very delicate olive oil.

The Hummus.


Linas Hummus.

In first look, it may be hard for you to tell the difference but this one is not hummus – it is mesabha, which is pretty much based on the same ingredients but different in texture. The chickpeas are well cooked, very soft, but not mashed. With this wonderful olive oil, some garlic and lemon and the tahini on top, it is absolutely lovely.

Linas mesabha.

Linas mesabha.

Leaving Lina, with stomach full but lite as a bird, the stone paved alleyway seemed even more enchanted than when we came. What is that feeling, how should I call it? Tranquility, calmness, complacency, serenity, peace of mind? Or was it the tryptophan?

Old Jerusalem alleyway.

Old Jerusalem alleyway.

Anyhow, it is good to have some space left in your belly after lunch, when you happen to be 2 blocks away from Jafher Sweets, where you can eat the most delicious Knafeh – a desert to kill for.

To be continued…

6 Comments on Old Jerusalem Part II: Hummus Lina

  1. I am a native of youth and the restaurant Thank you, members

    And I wish to go to all that is beautiful and good

    Thank you

  2. Just ate at Lina’s about three hours ago. Every time I visit Jerusalem it’s a must. Absolutely my favorite humus in the world.

  3. Hummus LINA in HD Video

  4. I have to make a statement that Lina is my preferred hummusia of choice when anywhere near Jerusalem’s Old City. In fact it is my preferred hummusia of choice even when nowhere the old city and wanting some excellent hummus….

    I have to agree that Japher sweets knafeh is also good and an excellent way to round off a meal in Jerusalem’s Old City…

  5. Ate there last week. Delicious and highly recommended!

  6. After watching Make Hummus Not War it bought back my kibbutz and travel memories…..especially my experiences with falafel and hummus!
    I wonder if anyone could share the hummus recipe similar to Lina … jalopenos ?

    Thank you

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