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Hummus in Berlin

Here’s a place I’m sure to visit on my next trip to Berlin.

Just came across a place that combines two of my favorites, Berlin and Hummus:
Berlin’s HummusGarten. I was not aware that such place had existed, otherwise I’d probably visit it earlier, in one of my trips to Berlin.

It’s located between Rosa-Luxemburg Platz and Rosenthalerstr., two places in which I’ve been more than a few times. And you can be sure I’d visit and review it the next time I’m in Berlin (and by the way, if your home town has good hummus places, feel free to write something about it and send us – we’ll be thankful up to our ears).

To read about places in Berlin which combines 3 of my favorites, read this one: Berlin’s best falafel Joints.

2 Comments on Hummus in Berlin

  1. offers humus garden is closed for the winter but Ive been hearing rumors
    about a real Syrian humus on zonnen alle in x.berg. need to find the address
    and check it out asap.

    there is also a nice humus Internet place run by real Palestinians on raumerstrasse
    p.berg Berlin and one crazy Russian Jew selling humus Achla box’s for 8 euro next
    to the KDW department store is west Berlin.

    dont get to excited. even if you find good humus here there are no real pita bread
    or olives to go with it…

  2. That’s bad news. I really hoped I could visit the HummusGarten next month.

    Please look up the Syrian place’s address for me, I would be VERY grateful if you do. Ditto with the Palestinian place.

    BTW, there is decent pita bread in Berlin. In Oranienburger Strasse there’s a Lebanonian place, selling real falafel inside real pitas. It’s about 50 meters north to the synagogue on the opposite side of the street.

    The KDW thing is simply unbelievable. 8 euros… that’s 6 times more than the Israeli price…

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