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A Hummus Girl Blogger

I’m going through dozens of blogs every week, reading tasteless posts about hummus and tasteless hummus recipes. This one was different.

When commenting in other blogs, I often use “the hummus guy” as a nickname. I guess it describes well what I’m known for, and it’s a good way to differentiate myself as a blogger, since there isn’t really many competitors in the field of hummus related blogging.

I found one, though. A girl blogger called Mercedes, who has a blog called Desert Candy (an ancient nickname for dates). She describe herself as a blogger who’s “exploring a passion for cooking/baking and a love of the Middle East”. And in many cases she combines both her passions in posts about Middle Eastern food and with relevant recipes (Not all of her recipes are Middle Eastern, but some are. And there’s an index too).

Mercedes, the hummus girl

Naturally, the post I liked best was Hummus Dilletante. I immediately recognized the somewhat apologetic explanation I too had to give here, a few posts ago, why I’m so obsessed about not calling something hummus, just because it lacks some minor ingredients like chickpeas and tahini.

In fact, I found that Mercedes says many things I tried – and am still – trying to say, only with more greace and in a much better English. Also, her hummus photos certainly look better than mine…

So, by all means – pay her a visit: the hummus (dilettante) girl.

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  1. I read that post when it first came out and it really educated me regarding REAL hummus, which I now really appreciate all the more.

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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