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Hummus is on the Rise

More and more people worldwide are searching for Hummus. According to Google Trends, the search for the chickpea spread is rising all over the world.

Yohuy Eilam, ForexCrunch

Google Trends is a tool that gives excellent indication about search trends, since it’s run by the #1 search engine on the internet, and practically the world’s number one website.

Since the internet is used everywhere, Google Trends gives a good indication of market trends also outside the virtual world. We can assume that the global demand for humus is growing as well. More people are becoming acquainted with this superb dish.

As you can see in the graph, the term humus shows a steady and significant growth from 2007 to 2009. The growth in search traffic for the term hummus is even stronger. Is the spelling with two ms taking over the spelling with one m?

Hummus Trends

Apart from the growing popularity of hummus on the net, we’re seeing the strongest growth in unexpected regions and in languages that aren’t normally associated with the Middle Eastern dish.

Regions of Strong Humus Growth

Strong growth can be seen in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. This could be explained by the growing numbers of immigrants from the Middle East to these rich Scandinavian countries. The immigrants must long for their beloved dish- or maybe it’s the locals who seek  for the warm dish of humus in the long wintry nights?

Another rather surprising region of strong growth is in South America. This can be better seen when typing humus with one m. Countries such as Peru, Columbia, Argentina and Chile never used to be strongholds of hummus. Humus flourishes in these countries even without an influx of humus loving immigrants.

Do you have an insight about humus trends in South America?

Anyway, enough about virtual humus. I’m going to get myself a nice dish!

8 Comments on Hummus is on the Rise

  1. I think it’s on the rise partially because the awareness of Celiac Disease is on the rise as well, and more and more people are avoiding gluten based dishes.

  2. Hi shooky,
    Your blog is wonderful. To me, hummus is like wine. My mother gets angry at me when I say “the hummus wasn’t good” to almost every single Middle Eastern restaurant I drag her to.
    I have found a few places that make hummus I can tolerate and even fewer that make hummus I would WANT to eat. Let’s not even mention the store bought stuff (although if I’m dying for hummus I might buy a jar).
    Because good hummus seems to be so rare in the U.S. (good everything seems to be so rare here), I think it’s imperative to my very existence that I learn to make this godly dip myself.
    Still, no matter how much I try, it never comes out right. There’s always something…wrong. I even tried your recipe and, still, nothing. I think there’s an art to making hummus (much like wine).
    How do you master the “zen of hummus-making”? This is my question for you. Surely, someone as knowledgeable about the topic of hummus knows of what I speak.
    Oh, and shooky, lack of proficiency in ALL language demonstrates stupidity but lack of proficiency in ENGLISH probably indicates intelligence as English is one of the most perverted languages in existence.

    • @Mehak – I’ve been making hummus for years and only recently I’ve become really pleased with it. I guess the zen of making hummus – as any kind of zen – is about doing the same thing over and over, with no intent but doing it right.

      Yet, I think there’s a place for a post with a few tips for better hummus. Soon.

  3. Would you be surprised to know that you can get some great hummus in Ghana, West Africa???

    In truth, it’s due to the large Lebanese community. – but whatever the reason – it’s great stuff and I’m happy I can get some! 🙂

  4. Very soon, please. I find it amazing that there are several lebanese restaurants in the area who make wonderful hummus. Everyone’s tastes a little different, but all of them taste just perfect. I’m still working on decent.

  5. Shooky, in thinking about the English spelling of “hummus”, I would choose the “double m”. When I see the word “humus”, I first think of soil enriched by the decomposition (by microorganisms) of plant material. As crucial as humus is for agriculture, that spelling does not conjure up an appetizing image.

    I don’t know where Mehak lives, but if he is anywhere near North Brunswick, NJ, there is an amazing Lebanese restaurant, Headquarters, with excelllent hummus. Your roving reporters, Deb and Tal, have sampled it and found it more than acceptable.

  6. Why does everyone always think I’m a dude?

    I live in Michigan. About the only good thing we have is snow.

  7. Dear Hummus 101!

    Interesting article! I don’t think the awareness of Hummus in the nordic countries has to do with immigration. Most middle eastern immigrants come from Iraq, and hummus is not a wide spread dish there.

    I would say that Hummus is spreading thanks to maxos food! The first company starting to produce fresh hummus, emancipating the nordic people from canned hummus from mainly lebanon and syria.

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