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Mr. Chickpea and his friends

To celebrate the renewal of Israel’s diplomatic relations with the land of the fez (let’s see how long it’ll last this time…), we present an original hummus work by a very talented Turkish artist and designer. 

Mr. Chickpea & friends is an art project by Sadi Tekin, a product designer and animator, who specializes in designing figures.

Mr Chickpea & FriendsTekin was born in Istanbul and works in New York. At this point the project includes 26 photos of 19 works. All starring figures are based on hummus grains (Tekin insists on mentioning their Turkish name, beyaz leblebi).

Some of the pieces are amusing, some are gloomy. Some of the hummus grains have only faces, drawn with a thin pen. Others have a body. They are all very human.

If you like Tekin’s original and witty work, do not miss his Behance showcase. It is full of wonderful surprises.

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