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The machine that “wipes” the hummus for you

Take that: a robot that slices the pita bread and wipes the hummus for you. Completely useless, but pretty cool.

“More electricity, less work”, says an old commercial of Israel Electric Company, back in the days the company succeeded in producing more electricity than the national consumption (the government’s fault, now and then).

Those naïve days are over, but we still prefer to wash our clothes in the washing machine, boil our coffee water in the electric kettle, and yes, also mince our hummus in the electric mixer.

So how about a machine that will slice a piece of pita and “wipe” the hummus for you? This sounds a bit over the top, but someone thought he just had to build such a machine.

In the following video you can see Hummus Machine 2.0, a robot that wipes hummus, developed by Izik Meir and Yuri Klebanov. The robot was presented in recently held Geekcon 2013 convention. We are not sure about this, but it’s certainly cool.

The clip’s soundtrack, BTW, is from the song Hummus Metamtem (“hummus is fabulous”) by Jewish American Nigel Ha’Admor (“Nigel the rebbe”), which might get his own post in the future.

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