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World record: 5lb of hummus in 6 minutes

Matt Stonie, an American competitive eater, is (hopefully) the only human who ever consumed over 5 pounds of packaged hummus. 

It looks like a car accident and as far as health is concerned it’s probably not much better. Matt Stonie, a 23 year old American and a competitive eater, ate 5 pounds and 5 ounces of Sabra Hummus in 6 minutes. Just in case you wondered: it’s 5 party size packages, about 6,000 calories and 430g of fat.

Right from the beginning, it seems like Stonie doesn’t really enjoy this challenge. The heartburn started right after the first hummus package, by the looks of it. At 4:20 there’s a strong reflux response which by 5:13 almost becomes vomiting.

5.5 pound-hummus[1]

To make a long story short: it’s not easy to watch and you can really skip this one, but once you started you might find it somewhat difficult to stop.

Of course, it would have been wiser if he ate real homemade hummus instead, unless the idea was to also consume all the additives and preservatives that are commonly used in the packaged product.

Matt Stonie holds 13 world records in the controversial sport of competitive eating, all from the past two years. In his Youtube channel there are some 200 similar videos, in case you find it interesting for some reason we can’t understand (why?!).

Note that there are documented cases in which competitive eating led to series illnesses, including death, usually by choking. This may well be a good example of the phenomenon sometimes referred to as “evolution in action”.

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