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Banza: the pasta made of chickpeas

It’s great new to does on a gluten free diet, but the chickpea-pasta more healthy in general, and some say it’s even tasty.

Banza is a line of pasta products from a company with the same name, operating in Detroit, Michigan, since 2013. They manufacture pasta in a few standard forms, such as Fusilli, Conchiglie, Pene, and more.

But what makes their pasta special is not form or color, but that it is made not from chickpeas ruther then wheat flour.

Why should anybody want to eat pasta made of chickpeas? Well, besides the apparent advantage for gluten-sensitive people, it’s also a good choice for people with other health issues in mind.

Banza chickpea pasta

In an interview they recently gave to The Hafingtons’ Rick Camilleri, founders Brian and Scott Rudolph, explain that their product is more nutritious and healthy in any way.

It contains twice the protein, four times the fiber and half the carbohydrates regular pasta has – which makes it healthier for people diabetes and hear disease risk factors (which makes most people in developed countries).

Under the Our mission page in the company’s website, inventor Brian Rudolph explain that the chickpea pasta was a solution to his own gluten sensitivity. He made the first prototype in his home kitchen and when he tasted it he realise he had a billion dollar product.

That’s a good story, but does Banza really tastes as good as regular pasta? To be perfectly honest, and with all our love to chickpeas, it sounds a bit too good to be true.

Moreover, durum wheat from which quality pasta is made, is actually pretty healthy for most people, has a high contents of protein, iron, magnesium, thiamin, B6, and other things your body needs.

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