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Ben Carson: hummus is a terror organization

“Fatah and Hummus operate in a constant state of conflict. Fatah rules the West Bank. Hummus rules the Gaza Strip… Fatah is largely a secular political movement, while Hummus is a deeply religious Islamic political movement”. Ben Carson

The hilarious quote above comes from Republican candidate Ben Carson’s speech, in a Republican Jewish Coalition event, held in Washington, D.C yesterday.
Being an esteemed pediatric neurosurgeon, one would assume that Carson is perfectly capable not only to distinguish between Middle Eastern foods and terror organization, but also to correctly pronounce words in foreign languages.

On the other hand, one would also assume that someone with scientific education wouldn’t argue against the theory of evolution.

Ironically, this priceless stumble was during a speech that was supposed to prove that Carson is not as ignorant about foreign policy as his critic claim.
Whether sloppy and reckless as some claim, or just plain stupid, Carson’s political career doesn’t seem very promising at the moment.

He did manage to put smiles on many faces though. Like CNN Brenna Williams, who was one of the first to make the association between Carsons and the classic Sacha Baron-Cohen’s sketch from the 2009 mockumentary “Brüno”:

And while we’re on the topic – there’s another classic sketch that cames in mind, from the gifted stand-up comedian Elon Gold. Enjoy:

6 Comments on Ben Carson: hummus is a terror organization

  1. Well, he IS from Detroit. ;))

    • Shooky Galili // May 14, 2016 at 12:53 pm // Reply

      I think I’ll take the Fifth in this case…

      • Perhaps I should explain. I grew up in Detroit. Detroit has had a heavy concentration of Middle Eastern people for probably 100 years (maybe more), mostly Lebanese and Syrian Christians and, more recently, many Moslems (the previous Moslem presence, at least where I grew up, was mostly Albanian). Everyone seems to assimilate into the mainstream but the cuisine stands on its own! In fact, there’s even a distinction between “East Side” and “West Side” cuisine; my financial adviser and his wife (both Iraqi) make it a point to shlep “West Side” food to the East Side when I’m in town every month. If you’re from Detroit, trust me, hummus is in your subconscious and is going to bubble out instead of the similar-sounding “Hamas.” Carson was just being a Detroiter. 🙂

        • Shooky Galili // May 14, 2016 at 8:45 pm // Reply

          Thanks Karen, this is indeed interesting and surprising. And say, why don’t you try and get some recipes from your neighbours and share with us?

          • LOL I haven’t lived in Detroit for well over 40 years! I’ve been in NYC for more than ⅔ of my life. Not only that but my broker’s wife is only cooking gluten-free these days; her husband developed a wheat allergy, so no recipes from her. :`(

  2. I’ll apologize for Dr. Carson for not having Muslim brothers to teach him where to emphasize the syllable. Most of you could not pronounce 1/2 of one percent the medical terminology.usued.

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