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May 13: Hummus Day 2016

We don’t really need a special holiday to celebrate hummus, but the Hummus Day is certainly an initiative worth mentioning and a great PR for hummus. So why don’t you tell your friends about it?

Hummus Day is an annual event celebrated on May 13th. It was started by Ben Lang, Miriam Young and a team at a hackathon in Tel-Aviv in 2012.

The event celebrates hummus, and encourages people to eat it, talk about it, organize and participate in special events around the world (a list of which you can find here) that are dedicated to hummus.

In past years it was already celebrated by hundreds of thousands, many of which took photos of themselves eating hummus and shared them on social networks. There’s also a crowdsourced map that was created to show hummus places around the world.

hummus-day map

The Hummus Day team also encourage people to eat hummus for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the day itself, which we don’t recommend. Eating hummus several times a week is enough – it’s a good idea to let your digestive system rest for a day or too between one plate of hummus and the next.

If you do try eating hummus 3 times a day, make sure it’s freshly made and not store bought – the latter is not as healthy (or not healthy at all) and harder to digest because of large amount of preservatives.

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