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Everbody in the middle east eat Hummus. Although considered an Arab dish, Israelis too consider it to be their national delicacy. In recent years, hummus has gone global, and you can find it anywhere in the world – sometimes reffered to as “Houmous” or “Humus”.

This blog is about Hummus, regardless of sex, race, religion or color. It is about the love for Hummus and the things you can do with it – including making it yourself. We’ll share with you our recipes, amaze you with some uncommon Hummus trivia facts, and suggest recommended restaurants where you can eat Hummus throughout the world.

About the authors:
Shooky Galili (“The Hummus Guy”). 36 y/o from Tel-Aviv, Israel. A journalist since 1993 and a blogger since 2003. Covering technology issues and writing about food for the leading Israeli newspapers and websites. Been researching the hummus industry and culture for the past 8 years, with great joy. Also authors the Hebrew edition of the Hummus Blog, which has been acknowledged as an authority for hummus related news, recipes and reviews.

Tal Galili. 26 y/o statistician from Ramat-Gan, Israel. Doing his MA thesis on Web Analytics at Raymond and Beverly Sackler School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel-Aviv University. Works for a web marketing company as a web analyst. Built 12 WordPress blogs so far, mostly for non-profit organization.