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The Emerging Hummus Market in the US

American household are embracing the hummus. The packaged hummus products now sell 30 times what they did a decade ago. 10 year ago, most Americans didn’t know what Hummus was. Today, the packaged hummus has grown into an estimated $143 million business, says Associated Press.25 years after Israel and 15 years after the UK, you can now find it in mainstream groceries all over the states. Some still spell it “Humous” or “Chumus”, but it is more common now to find Tehina (or “Tahini“, sesame seed butter) in it’s list of ingredients, as you would in Middle Eastern restaurants.

Currently, there are about 80 American hummus manufacturers, and according to an ACNielsen study, sales has increased 25% last year. Common predictions talk about up to 50% growth by the end of this decade.

In part, the growth is attributed to healthier eating trends, and hummus – even in it’s industrialized form – is considered a natural food, and by all means healthier than most other dips. Actually, it was very popular in natural food stores for a while. But recently, even 7-11 has begun selling hummus throughout their eastern shore stores.

In Israel, a recent study has decreased packaged hummus sales a bit, showing it’s nutritional value is inferior to that of a freshly made hummus. Since “hummusiot” – restaurants which specialize in hummus – are very common in Israel, it is relatively easy to replace the industrial substitute with the original dish.

Israeli manufacturers such as Strauss, Tsabar and others, address Israeli market with low calorie products for some time, and there are also a few health food restaurants in Israel, selling organic hummus. But the simple truth is there nothing like the freshly homemade hummus (and here is our hummus recipe, btw).

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  1. What is the very white cream that is usually served with Humus… they usually put it in the center of a plate or bowl of Humus.

    I’ve had some of the best Humus and and Falafel in Dhalia at the market, but the waiter could not explain what the cream was.

    Thanks in advancce for an answer and maybe the recipe.

  2. Frank – it was tahini (not raw tahini, but tahini “sauce”)

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