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Video Tutorial: Making Hummus like in New-York’s Hummus Place

In our new video Shay, one of the guys from Hummus Place in New-York, is sharing the recipe and showing how to make real hummus.

Hummus Place is a New-York restaurant chain serving mostly hummus and middle-eastern dishes. I never been there, but people who did say their hummus is pretty good, so you can trust Shay – one of the owners, and the guy explaining the process of making hummus in the video – to know what he’s talking about.

3 Comments on Video Tutorial: Making Hummus like in New-York’s Hummus Place

  1. This guy developed a nice Hummus belly…

  2. Man… his english is hidious,
    But It looks like they serve some good hummus.
    How much are they ripping ,sorry… charging for a plate?

  3. I used to live a couple blocks away from this Hummus Place in Greenwich Village and I absolutely love their hummus. I would go at least a couple times a week.

    I was a hummus neophyte before I first had it and I didn’t know hummus could be so creamy and tasty. Now I know this is how hummus is really supposed to be.

    A plate of hummus w/ pitas is $7 at lunch, I think it’s $9 for dinner. When they serve it, they pour extra tahini over it and don’t mix it in. The hummus masabacha comes with a hard boiled egg, beans, pine nuts on top. They have a great hot sauce that is green. Anyone know what this hot sauce is and how to make it?

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