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Rescued by Hummus

I had one of my molar tooth yanked last Tuesday. A very nasty experience, I can tell you. In fact, it was so horrible that I bravely decided not to go into the details.

Anyhow, as I sat at home a few hours later, swollen and sad and very much in pain, I realized I’m pretty hungry. I already followed the common advice for such situations and ate a bucket of ice-cream, but ice-cream can hardly be called food.

Knowing that I can’t really bite anything, and I shouldn’t eat anything hot (such as soup), I dragged myself to a local hummus place and asked for hummus-meshawsha.

Meshawsha is basically a different accumulative state of hummus. This Galilee dish is made from the same ingredients as hummus, but has a grainier texture, making it ideal for eating with a fork. Although not very visually appealing, it is absolutely delicious, and as it happened – perfectly eatable after a dental treatment.

ערימת משאוושה שאי אפשר לגמור.

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  1. Hi Hummus 101. I am a freelance food writer in Tel Aviv and I came across your blog. Kol Hakavod. I would love to speak to you about your blog and how you find your hummus restaurants. Would you have some time to meet in person?

    אני גם מדברת עברית.



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