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The Erotica of Hummus

Hummus is taking over the world as we speak. I can give you dozens of reasons why this is true, but I can’t think of anything more convincing than this video. Which, by the way, is the closest this blog will ever get to porn.

In Israel there once had a gossip about a famous football star, that love hummus so much that he once covered a beautiful girl with it, and licked it off her. Well, good hummus is undoubtedly a strong aphrodisiac, and as this video shows, it can make you very sexy (or it can look well on you if you’re already sexy).

This somewhat blunt and provocative video, is one of the promos for the Lief Garrison Project, the first musicockumantry TV series ever, airing April 22. Go to their website and watch it a little – very funny.

I strongly recommend lowering your speakers volume before playing this one.

And finally, I want to dedicate this video to Eisik, a great guy from California with whom I ate hummus in Jaffa the other day.


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