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Squeeze Z Hummus: Message in a squeeze bottle

Some people I know find this idea no less than appalling, but Squeeze Z Hummus – the hummus in a squeeze bottle – seems like a promising product for the American market.

To be honest – we thought it’s a hoax at first. True, Americans have a known tendency to do strange things with hummus, but Hummus in a Squeeze bottle – that’s way too strange.

Also, the initial name of the product, Zohan Hummus, looked too suspicious. There’s no way, we thought, that this is a real product that got permission to use the sacred name.

Apparently, Zohan and his friends are indeed not the kind of people you want to mess with – and the product’s name quickly changed (although you can still see it, printed on them shirts in the promotion video at SqueezeZ Food’s website. update: not anymore, the site went offline).

The idea didn’t: Squeeze Z Hummus comes in a ketchup-like squeeze bottle, that is supposed to make it easier to use and make double dipping impossible. It costs some $6 for a 18OZ bottle and comes in 3 flavors: classic, spicy and with dill.

Liel Leibovitz from Tablet Magazine called it abomination and most people I know think it’s appalling, but I don’t know that many Americans. I do think that it’s going to be a real hit in the states, though.

People’s first reaction is usually something like “god, what more will Americans think of”. Ironically, the man behind the invention is Ami Blashkovski, a former Israeli who lives over 25 years in the US and who one day got a little crazy and invested all his savings into the thing.

Packaged hummus was never very close to the real thing, and the Sqeeze Z Hummus may seem to you like taking it one step too far. On the other hand – if that’s the sort of things needed to get hummus into every American household than be it. This is merely another little step in the Hummus Revolution.

12 Comments on Squeeze Z Hummus: Message in a squeeze bottle

  1. Actually, Tehina sort of begs for it, doesn’t it?

  2. The next is hummus like a chocolate bar.
    Unholy to a “holy” thing.

  3. Lets wish Ami Blashkovsky best of luck 🙂

  4. Nothing should ever be in a squeeze bottle. Anyone who’s monstrous enough to buy ketchup, tahini, hummus, mustard in a squeeze bottle is an utter foul heathen. But you should not bad mouth squeeze hummus if you use any other squeeze bottle products, that’s just being a foul hypocrite. I only use glass and I only make my own food, never buy already made food. That should be what everyone does.

  5. American here.
    I’m completely grossed out by this.

    It probably won’t take off here unless it’s butter flavored.

  6. I ate very good hummus in paris last week, a little lebanese food restaurant nearby galeries lafayette, at rue provence.

  7. This is a sacrilege!!

  8. Wow, this is horrifying. Also it distresses me to think that a lot of people in the world think the average American likes things such as this. To be honest, I believe most people who eat hummus here are people who are at least somewhat health conscious and unlikely to buy it in a squeeze bottle just like how they wouldn’t buy a can of spray “cheese.” People who do buy spray “cheese” probably don’t eat hummus, contained in a squeeze bottle or not. Also Tolly’s comment that people who buy mustard instead of making it themselves are “utter foul heathens” is deluded and very rude. In any case, as a lover of hummus, I think this blog is great so far and I’m sure I’ll spend a fair amount of time browsing it.

  9. Helen in CA // July 15, 2012 at 2:00 am // Reply

    OTOH has anyone actually TASTED this?

    While no lover of squeeze bottles…….that seems to be what’s important

  10. Actually I have been looking for something like this to take on long bike rides instead of sugary bars

  11. I’m going to put some home made hummus in a squeeze bottle to see how this works out lol. I find it hilarious that simply putting the same food in a different container would be so offensive to people. It’s the quality of the product inside the container that should matter, the container is just a container.

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