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The Hummus Enforcement Agency

One morning, we woke up to a horrible new reality: hummus was outlawed, and a new kind of viscous police force walked the streets. They called them “The Hummus Enforcement Agency”.

As you may have realized by now, we got some serious problems here in Israel. Many of which result from stupid and corrupt politicians.

One of the side effects of our disfunctioning  politics is a series of new laws that put the very existence of our democracy in danger.

Add this to the poor social situation, resulting from an extreme right-wing economical policy, and you might understand why over 80% of the population supported our 99%-style protest last summer.

That’s also the atmosphere in which “The Hummus Enforcement Agency” (official website) emerged. This 13min movie by activist producer Eran Vered, is the common creation of numerous contributors, distributed for free via YouTube in an open-source model (cc-by-nc-nd). Naturally, I play the hummus guy… ENJOY!

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