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Hummus in Tel-Aviv

The hummus really has to be great in order to be the center of a complete meal. But when it is, and when accompanied with a few other local treasures, it makes some gourmet dishes taste like fast-food.

The residents of Tel-Aviv could always go for their hummus to Jaffa, which is minutes away by car. They still do, and some of them would go for their beloved hummus as far as Old Jerusalem or the old city of Acre, but it sometimes nice your hummus place just around the corner, and in recent years there are many options.

Tel-Aviv is my home town and I have many superb pictures of it’s hummus and hummus places, which I’ll probebly show in future posts. This time I wanted to show this one and say a few things about it:

hummus-ful with falafel and chips

Though not very common in this particular presentation, the combination of hummus or in this case hummus-foul (click for the recipe), falafel (ditto) and potato chips is mandatory in most hummus places in Israel today, especially in Tel-Aviv.

With a bunch of luscious pitas a nice middle-easrern style salad on the side, and a cold drink, it’s a hit – a perfectly tasteful and nutritious meal, which in this case (Beit Ha-hummus, 119 Hashmonaim st.) costs as little as 24 NIS ($6.70 / 4.2 euro). You can usually have these with a nice piece of grilled meat of some kind, but you don’t really have to.

7 Comments on Hummus in Tel-Aviv

  1. It looks like a dinner with meat, but I happen to know it tastes so much better!
    I would not however eat the chips 🙂
    I am Finnish and visited last year Tel-Aviv, Jaffa, Acre and Old Jerusalem and got so good food that I have been missing it ever since!
    I have to eat hummus out of can’s at the moment 🙁

  2. The best hummus in TLV is Abu Adam (on Ibn Gvirol or Karlibach str.). The Yaffo hummus kingdom is Abu Chasan. Best combined with fresh onions, one or two Falafel balls and good Arabic salad.


  3. Leena – it is a sad story indeed… I think you should try making hummus yourself. It’s not that hard, and with time you’ll get the hang of it.

    OS – no way friend. Abu Adham used to be great when Abu Adham – the person – made it, in Tel-Aviv. He still does but only in Kfar Yasif. And the closest thing in Tel-Aviv is Abu Dahbi, in King George st.

  4. Please come to my house and bring that plate of food with you.

    And yes, Leena, its so not hard to make a decent hummus. Plus, if you make it yourself you can get all sassy with extra flavors.

  5. There’s a never ending dispute between the followers of Abu-Adham and the followers of Abu-Hasan. I go with Abu-Hasan.
    Tel Aviv sure has lots of Humus eateries in every corner…

  6. I used to go to Tel Aviv often on business. What I looked forward to was the hummus, pita bread and beer. Food of the Gods – not replicated anywhere I’ve been.

  7. Just back from Israel on tour and the best hummus was from the Ramada in Tel Aviv. I hear they get it from an Arab town that is south of Tel Aviv. I also came to love the Schwarma (sp ?). Yummmm.. I think Mediterranean food fits me, I ate every meal and never gained weight. Must have something to do with not mixing dairy with meat and all the delicious spices.

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