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New Guinness Recored: Largest Hummus Plate ever

Over a 1000 tones of hummus were eaten last week, during Israelis Independance Day (“Yom Haatzmaut”). 400kg (881 pounds) of which in a Jerusalem event, out of a single Guiness-Record size plate.

It was last year when the American Sabra hummus manufacturer set the first Guinness Record for eating hummus in a New-York event. They served their hummus in a plate with a diameter of 3.5 meter (3.8 yards).

Last week a new the record was set in Mahaneh Yehuda market in Jerusalem: Hummus Tzabar, an Israeli hummus manufacturer, served some 400kg (881 pounds) of hummus in a 4 meter (4.35 yard) plate. This incredible hummus feast was documented of course, to verify the Guinness Record commitee it really happened. Here’s one of the pictures:

400 קילו חומוס צבר

Behind the scenes there’s an anacdotal hummus rivelry here too. Sabra is now owned by Pepsico and the Straus, the Israeli opponent of Osem, the corporate that owns Tzabar. Oddly enough, “Tzabar” is the Hebrew word for “Sabra”.

The common Israeli eats an average of 10kg hummus (22 pounds) a year, half of which is packaged hummus manufactured by one of these two.

Personally, I eat a few pounds of hummus every month, and it’s always freshly made – the packaged version is a not hardly as good – but you know, 400kg of hummus… very impressive.

שיא גינס חדש בחומוס

14 Comments on New Guinness Recored: Largest Hummus Plate ever

  1. I moved to Israel a few months ago, and I’m from NYC. Tzabar is infinitely superior to Sabra. We buy fresh hummus from the local shouk, but we always have a supply of Tzabar in the fridge, especially over those annoying “weekends” when nothing is open.


  2. If only I would’ve been there, I would’ve won the world record for eating Hummus!

  3. I can’t believe I missed it! Next time you know about something like this advance, please, please, please, let me know. Really loved the photos! I dugg the article on digg

  4. Josh – there are many places open during weekends, you just have to know where to look. And instead of going to the local shook, go to one of the hummus places who do “take-away”. If “the local shook” is the Carmel, simply go down King George st. 10 minutes until you find Abu Dahbi Hummus (just after Dizingof Center).

    I never tasted Sabra, but than again – I almost never eat packaged hummus. Not if I can help it.

  5. That’s incredible! The only thing better would have been if they’d gotten Marzipan to contribute a giant chocolate rugelach!

  6. I expected something bigger. Maybe next year they;ll set a new record…
    Between Ahla and Tzabar, I prefer Tzabar, but as you’ve mentioned, fresh unpackaged Humus is always much better.

  7. The record has been broken :))),7340,L-3622458,00.html

    But it all stays in the familly … 🙂

  8. Haha, all the folks in that picture definitely look like those hummus-munching israelis.

  9. Hey guys, prepare yourselves for a new record by Lebanon. This will take away all your excitement unfortunately;). Actually, just to show to the world that Hummus comes from Lebanon and not from Israel.

  10. Amira Esmeralda // October 24, 2009 at 11:22 pm // Reply

    There is a new World’s record for hummos as of today set by the lebanese 10-24-09. 2-Tons!

  11. Wish I would’ve been there! I love Hummus!

  12. Homemade fresh is ALWAYS the best and I live in Texas!!!

  13. I lovee hummus, I’m from jerusalem and their hummus is the bomb it’s so fresh and warm. And u could get like 1-100 Shakels worth of hummus omg!!!!!!! It’s to die for.

  14. roasted red pepper gold // July 30, 2014 at 4:47 pm // Reply

    I’m_ eating hummus while reading this._ That’s what_ made me think to search this._ (if you see an underscore_ that’s when I paused to go eat some more hummus). This took_ me 7min to type. In other news 14 year old kid dies today due to an overdose of hummus. ( me)

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