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The Hummus Rap

Several times before I adressed the subject of how the Hummus Culture affect the west.

On the one hand, there’s no collision of civilizations here – people from different regions fall in love with hummus just the same, regardless of their beliefs. On the other hand – we all know that hummus is far more than just “food”. I guess we are withnessing a Peaceful Rise, than.

“…Clap your hands really fast
If you think hummus is the best

Now shake sh-shake shake your pita
If you hit the hummus with paprika”

2 Comments on The Hummus Rap

  1. hey, ma kore?

    do you know halil’s hummus (in ramle)?, best hummus ever!~

    ve’en li interesim. nishba’at.
    ta’im esh!

  2. omfg habib we love you!!!!!

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