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Hummus in Japan

We hadn’t even have the chance to get used to the idea that there’s falafel in China, and now we’re told that there’s hummus in Japan. A lot of it.

It’ll be old news if I’d tell you that we’re fashionably late after Japan in many of the things we do. And it’s always fascinating to see how Japanese trends and inventions find their way to the west.

But I got to admit – when we started this blog last year, and wondered if it is possible that we are the first, it never occurred to us that our most promising contender is a Japanese site. (update: which has closed since).


The Japanease site and author

Sadly, this Hummus World, seem to have lived, flourished and parished, all during the too short period of between March and August 2005 (when the last news item were posted). During which it’s beautiful owner had reviewed some 30 hummus places in New-York and Japan (in and around Tokyo). So if you’re going to Japan it’s still a source worth of checking.

And well, a hummus site authored by a beautiful Japanese girl… who would have thought of that…It’s a shame she stopped writing, and I do hope she’ll reconsider. Meanwhile, I sent her an email (which was returned unread), telling her she should do something about her hummus recipe – especially the “Coliander” (!) thing.

Via: Japanite – Japan odd news.

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  1. Well, nice opposite (though definately not equal) reaction to all those Israeli’s who have converted to Sushiism.
    ….I hope the nice Japanese girl is alright, and that whatever made her stop bloging on this subject isn’t bad Hummus…

  2. I live with a beautiful Japanese woman and I can assure you she makes the best hummus and the best tahina ever!!!! We were even thinking of opening a chain of bagel restaurants in Japan. Japan has bagels, but they put all sorts of un-bagel stuff in their bagels (no sushi or seaweed that I know of). And don’t tempt me to get into the historic links between the Japanese and jewish people. The story is tooooo looooong.

  3. I’ve lived in Japan for 10 months now, and though I’ve looked, I haven’t seen hummus once. I’m not in a big city though.

  4. It is hard to find hummus in Japan. They don’t sell it even at the uppity supermarkets. I guess in Tokyo they probably have a lo of middle eastern joints that have it. I remember craving it when I lived there. I am visiting my mom there next year so I’ll check this site out! But then again I will be too busy scarfing down Japanese food so maybe not.

  5. If there was hummus in Japan (or Kansai at least), I would’ve sniffed it out by now! Japanese don’t even know what hummus is… I haven’t seen it in the 4 years that i’ve lived here.
    Fantastic site though!! Thank you!!!

  6. I lived in Tokyo for a year and saw hummus once: in an Israeli restaurant. It is not very common in Japan, they love fresh food. Anyway, Japanese people dive deep into the things they like, therefore it is not surprising to find a person specialized in blogging about hummus.

  7. I’m trying to have a hummus recipe that goes well with sticky Japanese rice. Any bold ideas?

  8. Hey now you can get Hummus in Hamamatsu,inshizuoka, at:

    Tirnan-Og, KK House, and a place called Slowporch in Hamakita. The brand they have is called Satorijava Traders Hummus.

    4 flavors: Sun-dried tomato, edamame, regular, and artichoke.

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