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OMG! There’s Hummus Ice-Cream!

A hummus flavored ice-cream doesn’t necessarily sound like a good idea, but we had to check it out.

It seems like it’s going to be really hot this summer in Israel, and I’m not even talking about the weather.

Although, I do think frustration from the unbearable hit and humidity has at list some contribution the the severity of social rage, that is once again occupying the streets.

But on my way to witness the extreme police brutality on Tel-Aviv the last Friday, I managed to save a short moment of escapist pleasure in the local branch of Legenda, a chain of Italian ice-cream places.

hummus ice-cream

They have over 30 different flavors of ice-cream and sorbet, some of which look really great.

Being a serious ice-cream addict who have just got back from 10 sunny days in Berlin, where “EIS” is everywhere and costs a third, I was trying to eat more hummus and less ice-cream for a while.

In Berlin, the weather was fine and we had bicycles, so the woman and I were cycling all day like crazy, burning enough calories to escape the consequences of our gluttony.

In Tel-Aviv, June is already too hot for moving on a bike – unless of course you’re a professional biker, or one of them skinny girls doing the Tel-Aviv bike tour¬†thing, which nobody told them was supposed to be so sweaty.

I’m neither, and the public transportation here is a disgrace, so I walked.

What was it that so urgently sent me with a camera to Rothschild? Well, there was a demonstration there I wanted to attend and I also had to taste the new Hummus Ice-Cream that Lagenda has.

The idea of a hummus flavored ice-cream was not very promising. There ought to be a reason why there’s chocolate ice-cream and strawberry ice-cream but no pizza ice-cream, for example.

On the other hand, using chickpeas to make a dessert is not merely a new idea. It goes back to the Romans who used to fry chickpeas and roll them in honey.

And as I found out, Lagend’a Hummus ice-cream does not actually taste like hummus. It is supposed to have some chickpeas and olive oil in it as well, but it actually tastes the most¬† like lemony Halva (halva is made from tahini and honey or suger).

To be frank – this was an OK ice-cream, not much more than that. I would probably go back to this place, which seems like a really good ice-cream place, but the Hummus Ice-Cream might not be my first choice.

Lagenda Ice-Cream
45 Rothstchield, Tel-Aviv

1 Comment on OMG! There’s Hummus Ice-Cream!

  1. Guillaume Roudil // January 4, 2014 at 7:24 am // Reply

    Interesting post that got my attention considering the amount of ice-cream I consume everyday. I have tried wasabi ice-cream not too long ago and it wasn’t bad at all, you just get stuffed very fast

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