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The Hummus Challenge

“The Hummus Challenge”, inspired by the Ice Bucket Challenge, involves rubbing hummus on your face. If it wasn’t an industrial packaged hummus, we might considered participating.

The Hummus Challenge is the the more comic, somewhat less coherent, version of the Ice Bucket Challenge which ןד a campaign aimed to raise awareness to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Initiated by IDF reserve soldiers stationed near Gaza, the Hummus Challenge is aimed to raise awareness to the fact that hummus is delicious and hamas is evil (much like our favorite Elon Gold sketch “Voting for Hummus“). So instead of dumping a bucket of ice on your head, it involves rubbing hummus over your face while explaining the cause – or contributing a sum of $100 to an NGO that supports Israeli soldiers.


One might ask how come an annual defense budget of nearly $20 Billion is not enough to support the needs of man who risk their lives for their country. Many time, regardless of their own political opinion, which differs from those who sent them to fight.

Also, while fresh hummus may actually be good for your skin, I’m not sure you can say the same about the industrialized packaged version which may contain various additives and preservatives, not regularly used in cosmetics. And even if it was fresh hummus – that’s kind of a waste of good food, isn’t it?

So we’re not very likely to participate, but hummus is delicious and the video is kind of funny.  Watch it:

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