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Top humus/hummus stories from arround the world.

Hummus is on the Rise

August 4, 2009 // 10 Comments

More and more people worldwide are searching for Hummus. According to Google Trends, the search for the chickpea spread is rising all over the world. Yohuy Eilam, ForexCrunch [...]

Rice and Chickpeas: a Recipe with a Story

May 29, 2009 // 4 Comments

Rice and Chickpeas casserole is one of the best dishes of the Jewish cuisine, and there’s also a nice story behind it. Zeev Galili, our dad, writes about it’s [...]

The Best Hummus Video Yet

April 15, 2009 // 6 Comments

Just in case you wondered – we go over YouTube and other video sites in search for new stuff on a regular basis. Rarely do we find anything exciting that is suitable [...]

A Nosh of Hummus at New York’s Nanoosh

March 26, 2009 // 9 Comments

With pale wood paneling, recessed green and blue tiling, and lighting that dims as the night progresses, Nanoosh’s atmosphere is far from that of most Israeli hummus [...]

Even GOD eats hummus in Tel-Aviv

August 29, 2008 // 4 Comments

Hummus is gradually becoming one of the Middle-Eats most successfully exported cultural-products. Very much as a result of tourists who experienced it while in the region, [...]

The Hummus War has Begun

August 8, 2008 // 19 Comments

Last Sunday, the Hummus Was has finally began. Unlike other wars, this one is going to be fairly harmless, because the fighting will be done by means of marketing, [...]

The Yemen Power: Zhuk (plus recipe)

June 23, 2008 // 44 Comments

Zhuk, a Yemen paste of hot green peppers, is one of the hottest things to spice your food with. Very easy to make, and there’s also a story. Until 1493, the only pepper [...]
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