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The recipes: make Hummus, Tahini, Falafel, etc.

The Yemen Power: Zhuk (plus recipe)

June 23, 2008 // 44 Comments

Zhuk, a Yemen paste of hot green peppers, is one of the hottest things to spice your food with. Very easy to make, and there’s also a story. Until 1493, the only pepper [...]

Hummus-Ful: Simplicity of Delicacy

March 1, 2008 // 9 Comments

The second most common variety of hummus based dish, after the basic hummus-bi-tahini (regular hummus), is the Hummus-Ful combination. A delicious, beautiful and [...]

Perfect Baba Ghanouj in 6 Steps

January 24, 2008 // 28 Comments

There’s no way this hummus blog could go on with no baba ganouj recipe in it, right? Baba ghanouj (or “baba ghanoush”) is the Arab name for roasted [...]

The Quick Guide to Eggplant Roasting

December 29, 2007 // 22 Comments

Baba Ganouj is only one of several amazingly good dishes you could make out of a freshly roasted eggplant. Most of which go wonderfully with hummus and tahini, naturally. The [...]

Synia: a Palestinian Culinary Treasure

December 15, 2007 // 8 Comments

Well, that’s another dish I would die for but can’t spell. It’s the Arab Sinia in it’s Palestinian version. Make way for another REAL recipe. Some of [...]

Hummus and Pita in 2:13 minutes (video)

December 1, 2007 // 1 Comment

Well, you may find out that it is a little bit trickier than this video tutorial suggests (tip: pay attention to the hit your pitas should be baked in), but still – a [...]
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