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The Falafel king Game

At first, I though to myself – what kind of idea this is to make a game about falafel? On the other hand, who would think of such thing as a blog about hummus?

True, The Hummus Blog is mainly about hummus – as the name may suggest – but we haven’t found a game about hummus so far. We do know a game about falafel, though.

It’s called King of Falafel, and the purpose of the game is – more or less – to fill pocket pita breads with falafel balls, salad, potato chips and tahini. If you are acquainted with this traditional constellation, you will probably find this game pretty amusing. If not, well… you should definitely try eating it sometime soon.

Check it out here.

Falafel King game

Falafel King game. You should try it.

7 Comments on The Falafel king Game

  1. What does the winner of King of Falafel get?

  2. to AB,

    I believe one get a better appreciation to the art of falafel. I never realized preparing a falafel could be so dangerous (and difficult).

    Great blog guys.

  3. I have eaten at the Falafel King in Jerusalem…yum…I don’t think it can be recreated in Oklahoma, but I’m going to try! Chipsim and all.

  4. falafel infidel // January 5, 2008 at 4:25 pm // Reply

    cool game but I hope real falafel stands don’t spray insecticides on the ingredients like that! yum! that being said, it’s a fun game and falafel is king! got to make mine myself though, probably better that way

  5. infidel –

  6. i like falafel by the way is it spelled hammus, hamus, hummus, humus, haumus, or haummus

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