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A holy experience in old Jerusalem

On our way to the admired hummus place of Lina, we took some fascinating pictures of old Jerusalem. The atmosphere was truly enchanting.

Most people go to Homus Lina* through Jaffa Gate, the gate through which you get to the Wailing Wall (the Western Wall of Herod’s temple in Jerusalem, a place sacred to Jewish people).

This time, we decided to come from Nablus Gate (also called Damascus Gate), which led us through the beautiful christen quarter of old Jerusalem, with it’s magnificent market, in an enchanted path of sights and scents.

The hummus itself was wonderful as usual. But this time, the photos I took on the way make the real difference.

(* they spell it “homus”, just like Saeid in Acre spell it “humus”. Every hummus place in Israel seem to use a different spelling).

Here are some of the pictures:

Old Jerusalem Wall

Old Jerusalem Wall, Nablus Gate

The Christian quarter market of old Jerusalem.

The christian quarter market of old Jerusalem.

A spice store in the market.

A spice store in the old Jerusalem market.

Fresh dates and green almonds.

Fresh dates and green almonds. Both are considered a treasure for sexual potency, by the way.

Part II: Old Jerusalem hummus
Close up photos of Lina’s famous hummus from the heart of old Jerusalem.

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  1. Luis araujo // March 31, 2008 at 4:12 pm // Reply

    I love the city of Jerusalem if i had see the real views of that city


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