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The Fame of Hummus

Tonight was very special for me. I had my 15 seconds of glory on TV, in prime-time Saturday news show at Israel’s Channel 2. I was eating hummus, of course.

I’m not at all eager to have my face seen on TV, and had given up a few previous opportunities to talk on TV. But this time I couldn’t say no – they offered me to talk about the Hebrew edition of The Hummus Blog.

The story was about SEO (search engine optimization), and a good friend of mine (Roi Shlomi) who was one of the interviewed experts, was kind enough to tell the reporter Miki Peer about my hummus blog, how I rank #1 for “hummus” (in Hebrew) in Google search results.

Peer decided that’s great as an opening anecdote, and that he must interview me too. So we met briefly two days ago, when the shooting was otherwise complete.

They took only about 4-5 shots, in which I tried to include the words “hummus” “website” and “google” (which later earned me about 400 uniques. Not very impressive). I assumed they will only use a few seconds from that, and I was a little surprised that they used as many as 15 seconds.

The truth is, I know a little bit more than Roi about SEO (and he knows much more than I do in many other areas). But he’s much better than me in standing in front of a camera. I’m o.k. with that – what’s important is that hundred of thousands of people heard that there’s a site about hummus (I also rank #1 in Hebrew for “hummus site”, “hummus blog” and other close terms).

So I’m pretty satisfied with my 15 sec. of fame. It served it’s purpose.

I’m pretty serious about this blogs. My Hebrew hummus blog has reached over 100 thousands unique users in less then 10 month. I intend to reach 1 million by 2011.

The Hummus Blog is in a much earlier stage, but it has 10 times the potential. So I tend to believe that in 3-5 year time, I could go ProBlogging make my living from these blogs (and others, like the new Berlin O Philia and a few other secret niche blogs). “Pursuing my passions” some may call it.

I write about things I love, and already making some money from it, with AdSense and an Amazon affiliated aStore selling hummus related products (dried chickpeas, quality olive oil, books, Lebanese tahini, etc). And these are merely examples.

So, be kind: don’t let the 15 seconds of my hummus fame fade. Bloggers – please be kind link to me. Visitors – please send links to your friends. Hummus lovers – help to spread the word: the hummus is coming!

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  1. Is the interview on ?

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