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Hummus Abu Dahbi, the Reggae hummus

In the middle of Tel-Aviv, a tense and busy city of business, politics, cafes and clubbing, a place of good hummus and good music is more then a haven – it’s oasis.

originally posted: 8/22/2007
last update: 14/11/2015

In the case of “Abu Dahbi”, it’s a Galilee-style hummus (as well as Meshawsha, Mahluta, Hummus-Ful and Falafel), accompanied with black music. Mostly hip-hop and reggae, some from abroad – including classics – and some of local artists.

Abu Dubi Hummus Tel-Aviv

Gal Eilam, one of the owners, says that the rhythm of reggae is the rhythm of heart-bits. His business partner, Samir Ayub, says the most important thing for him is that their clients will leave the place full and happy – and this why the portions are so large, and there’s a refill if you’re still hungry.

I don’t know which of these two sides of the same place make it so calm and friendly, but this is the place I chose to be interviewed in last week, talking on TV about hummus and The Hummus Blog (you can read all about it in my previous post, The Fame of Hummus). There are many hummus places I like, but this one really feels like a safe haven. In some strange way, it reminds me of Berlin.

If you get to Tel-Aviv, don’t miss it:
Hummus Abu Dahbi, 81 King George Tel-Aviv (10AM-8PM I think)

And here’s a beautiful video clip of Axum, a hip-hop twosome, taken at Abu Dahbi’s. It is mostly a Homage to some Israeli artists and cult-movies, and the words are in Hebrew, but I think you’d enjoy it anyhow.

Maker of the video is Asaf Billet (who’s been awarded Best Director of The Israeli Music Channel Awards 2007).

(BTW, I wasn’t even hungry before the shooting, but could not help myself from eating all the hummus in my plate only to regret later for not taking some back home with me.)

3 Comments on Hummus Abu Dahbi, the Reggae hummus

  1. The place truly has a great atmosphere. A calm place in the middle of a very busy street.

  2. Awesome clip.

  3. I loooove this place. And thankfully they have an other branch in Beer Sheva next to the University dorms Dalet. So Beer Sheva is also worth a visit!

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