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Will Obama be pleased with Bibi’s Hummus?

On his way to meet with Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu, president Obama may find consolation in thinking about the great hummus he’s going to eat. Sadly enough, it looks like he may be disappointed.

During his official visit to Israel, president Obama will be served hummus and Falafel, says local reporter Erik Bender from Maariv (Hebrew).

hummus from acreI believe that most Israelis who read this story were eager to know, above all, whose Hummus Obama is going to eat?

Who will be making the Hummus and Falafel served to the leader of the free world?

The somewhat disappointing answer was Meggi & Tully, a renowed catering service named after the two chefs behind it.

Meggi & Tully were late PM Yitzhak Rabin’s favorite cooks, and in the past 15 years they fed many other VIPs from all over the world. The Hummus & Falafel plate they’re preparing for Obama will only be the entrĂ©e of a 3-course gourmet lunch, which must be superb.

But everybody who knows anything about hummus will tell you this: the best hummus is found in small, crappy looking hummus places (preferably owned by a Palestinian, some will add). Not in gourmet kitchens.

Israeli reporter Nir Yahav from, addressed this very issue in a video story aired earlier this week. He formed an alternative “checklist” – a better, more meaningful route for Obama’s tour, that includes Abu Hassan’s hummus place in Jaffa.

One may argue that Obama probably won’t know the difference, but this might not be true. After all, Hummus in standard dish at the White House (thanks to Obama’s chef Cris Comerford, who came to the U.S. from the Philippines in 1985).

We really like Obama, so we do hope that someone in his delegation has the right intel and will go fetch him a nice plate from Abu Hassan’s when he’s here.

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